In an electric Tankless Water Heater an electric element heats the water. In a gas-fired Tankless Water Heater a gas burner heats the water. As a result, Tankless Water Heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water. Typically, Tankless Water Heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2 – 5 gallons per minute. Gas-fired Tankless Water Heaters will produce higher flow rates than electric Tankless Water Heaters. By installing a “whole house” type Tankless Water Heater or two or more Tankless Water Heaters, connected in parallel you can have hot water on demand throughout your home. Speak with one of our specialists to advise you on the best system for your family.

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At Family Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc. we take pride in not only our service but our expertise in the installation process. Sometimes in order to provide the homeowner with the right system for their whole house or selective tankless water heating system it is necessary to install from the outside. Repiping may also be needed to best provide instant hot water to the required fixtures

All installations are unique and at Family Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc. we examine each situation for the best and most esthetically pleasing install location and process. You can count on Family Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc.




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